• A little heads up on some forthcoming Sancho Panza celebrations....  

    Sun 27th July - Secret Garden...

Sancho Panza

It began in a basement in north London on New Years Eve 1992.

Along the way we've danced in warehouses, film studios, photography studios, old cinemas, old embassies, old gymnasiums, on boats up and down the Thames, in Rio de Janeiro, on the streets of Notting Hill and on a light up dance floor.

Fertile, Kiss Chase, Wrestle, Blossom, Boo, Boing, Pop, Ideal Home, Seaside Special, Feast, Spoilt and a couple of Love Riots to name but some of our disguises.


Essentially Sancho Panza is motivated by simple philosophies: beauty is in the detail, anything is possible, and there's nothing wrong with a bit of sing-a-long...

Suncho Panza


....Shine on xX